American Physical Therapy Association

APTA regrets that Hooked on Evidence, APTA’s intervention evidence database containing article extracts entered between 2002 and 2014, is no longer available as of February 5, 2016. The technology that supported the database became obsolete and posed a security risk. Hooked on Evidence was a groundbreaking first step in APTA’s mission to provide access to evidence, and APTA thanks the many members, educators, students, and staff who contributed extracts for their valuable service to the profession.

In 2012, APTA’s House of Delegates passed, a motion that Hooked on Evidence become free to the public to help advance the profession worldwide, for as long as the database remained technologically viable. In 2013, due to the need for synthesis of evidence rather than extraction of individual research articles, APTA began phasing out Hooked on Evidence, with, APTA’s clinician website portal, providing synthesis of evidence, a more robust search capability, and links to Hooked on Evidence extracts as appropriate. The last extractions were entered into the Hooked on Evidence database in 2014, and the database was kept open to the public for as long as technologically safe.

For evidence-based information, APTA members are encouraged to visit, APTA’s clinician website portal, including ArticleSearch. If you are not an APTA member, you can join ( or become an international partner (